Popular pre-workout products found to be spiked with meth analogs!



If you’re an avid gym goer than you know that many people use pre-workout supplements, some of the most popular being Craze by Driven Sports and Detonate by Gaspari. However, it was recently discovered that both of these supplements contain ETH, a methamphetamine analog.

ethyl-1-phenyl-2-butylamine, N,alpha-diethylbenzeneethanamine or N,alpha-diethylphenethylamine which are all the same compound, recently termed ETHamphetamine or “ETH”.

This has infact been confirmed by an independent forensic lab. Here are a few of the reports shown below [1]:


Why would these two successful, large supplement companies do such a thing? The answer to that is money. When one consumes one of these pre-workouts, ”he or she is consuming small amounts of drugs by ingesting them, which in turn causes a small physical addiction fueled by needing more preworkout over time. The person cannot switch to another preworkout because they’re deemed underpowered compared to the first preworkout in question, and as a result the company has reeled in a “life long” customer or until they get caught with the drug in their product.”


Now one might ask ”How were these companies able to get away with this?” The answer to that is that the a different chemical with the same molecular formula was listed on the label. Even though the molecular formula of the two chemicals were the same, an ethyl group differed in placement.




This is the molecule in question compared to methamphetamine:



This scandal however, might not come as a surprise to some. It was found in 2002 that the FOUNDER of Driven Sports was investigated and found guilty of the sale of   2, 4 Dinitrophenol (DNP) a highly toxic industrial chemical that resulted in a death of a woman. The federal report of which can be found below [2].


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1. http://www.thermolife.com/forum/t2446-19/#post41052

2. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/iceci/enforcementactions/enforcementstory/enforcementstoryarchive/ucm091079.pdf

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  1. Supeding says:

    I’d like to see how this news affects sales for these products.

  2. Looks like the doctor that did the testing is expanding his business. It could be due to him loosing ground on the cannabis market: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/12/28/medical-marijuana-lab-in-mississippi/1796475/

  3. Ermelinda says:

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    […] 11:44 AM Popular pre-workout products found to be spiked with meth analogs! | Airlats, FLEX some SCIENCE! Better stock up! […]

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